Oklahoma Parent-Taught Driver Education

Learner License Requirements

Getting Your Learner License

Before you can start the behind-the-wheel training, you must first be issued a learner license from the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS).

Learner License Requirements

Teens between the ages of 15 ½ and 16 must be currently enrolled in an approved driver education course to qualify for a Learner Permit. To enroll in a course, the teen’s parent must first obtain the Parent-Taught Driver Education (PTDE) packet. Included in this packet is the PTDE affidavit, which the parent must sign and return to the DPS for approval. Once the parent gains the DPS’s approval, the parent can register the teen for our course and make payment. We will issue you a receipt. You must bring both this receipt and the approved affidavit with you when applying for a Learner Permit.

The Driver License Examiner will process your teen’s application and administer a written exam and a vision exam. If your teen passes both exams, the examiner will issue your teen a form that they must bring to the tag agency and pay a fee for their Learner Permit.

Note: You have only 2 weeks after passing your written exam to take your form to the tag office. After that, you will be required to re-apply and re-test.

At the DPS Driver License Office

Teens between the ages of 15 ½ and 16 must bring the following with them when applying for a Learner Permit:

  • Primary ID. This is usually a state-certified birth certificate. A complete list of acceptable primary identification documents can be found here.
  • Secondary ID. This is usually a Social Security card. A complete list of acceptable secondary identification can be found here.
  • Social Security Number
  • Documentation that they meet the current enrollment or attendance requirements in a secondary or vocational technical school and that they have successfully passed the criterion-referenced reading test required for all eighth grade students (usually referred to as the school letter). If they cannot obtain a letter from an Oklahoma school, go here for a list of alternate documents.
  • Their parent or legal guardian.
  • Documentation showing that that they are enrolled in a driver education course (i.e. affidavit and receipt of payment for the course)
  • Any documents showing a legal name change if they’ve had a legal name change. These documents should connect all of the last names from the birth certificate to the current last name. They can read more about this here.

Students have the option of waiting until they complete the classroom portion of driver education to apply for their Learner Permit, but again, this is not a requirement. Students must only show proof of enrollment in a driver education course to qualify for their Learner Permit.

However, the advantage of completing the classroom portion of a driver education course before applying for the Learner Permit is that the course will help better prepare the student for the written exam they must pass to get their Learner Permit.

Please note that we do not issue a Certificate of Completion for the course until both the classroom portion and behind-the-wheel training portion are complete, and students must have their Learner Permit before starting the behind-the-wheel training.