Written Exam Stories and Tips

Here are some stories and tips from students who have taken the DPS written exam to help you prepare for it. Click "Share My Story" above if you would like to share your own experience.


Yes, it took me a while to pass. But I did it. It was a great but very difficult.
--Lilyan , 07/11/2022
The first time I went to take the test I was really stressed out but at the same time I thought I could pas it. On the first try I failed it, but when I got back home I automatically started studying for it for three days then I knew I was ready to take it. The second time that I took it I passed it, the reason i passed it is because I studied
--Matthew Swanger, 04/21/2022
It was super easy. I just took a lot of practice test online and managed to pass.
--Devin To, 03/19/2022
its not easy but work hard and you will make it
--caymon prather, 01/05/2022
I read the whole driver's manual and took practice tests online. That's what helped me get it first try
--emma, 12/26/2021
I recommend you study before you take the test
--Maverick Sanstra, 12/10/2021
Just remember that the road is most slick when it first starts raining and buy a permit test book to study before the test.
--William White, 11/13/2021
yes, it was a very good experince,
--baylie warren, 09/03/2021
It was pretty easy, I only studied for a day.
--Isaac, 08/21/2021
I was 14 when I got my motorcycle license. I took the rules of the road test. Remember what a blank yellow circle means. Also remember the insurance laws.
--Preet Damani, 07/01/2021
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